Friday, March 13, 2015

Laying the Floor

Kim is proud of her mudding work.
Today, we went back to our worksite to continue working on the living room floor in the mobile home. Our focus today was on laying down the new laminate flooring after cutting it to length. Thankfully, it did not rain, and today was a beautiful day to work outside. We also worked on replacing a section of drywall, and tying up a few loose ends with the door we had installed. We also added supports to the last several pieces of floorboard we put in on Monday.

The way we went about our work for most of the time today was someone with a tape measure would call out a measurement, I would cut the board to length, and then the team inside would align all of the boards that made up a single row of flooring and slide them into place.

Putting down the new flooring.
Today we were able to finish laying all of the flooring in the living room as well as our work on the wall. Tomorrow we plan on heading back to install the molding and finish up anything that's left.

After we were finished working, we took a (curvy) detour hoping to see a nearby waterfall. Unfortunately, the gate to the area was closed, most likely due to the road being washed out by the recent floods. We then returned to The Manor and had dinner, which consisted of salad, grilled cheese, and tomato soup. After dinner, we decided to walk to the small park here in Nickelsville. On the way there, we stopped on a bridge which crosses the main road and took a group selfie, which turned out fairly decently.

Bridge selfie with Nickelsville in the background. Also, Drew.

Drew "traversing" the playground.
We enjoyed fooling around on the playground equipment in the park for a while before returning to The Manor where we rounded out the night with a team devotion, bonfire, and s'mores.

Please pray for our safety during our last day of work tomorrow as well as our return home on Saturday. Please also pray for several of the regular volunteers at the food pantry that we interacted with this week who are facing tough or difficult times in their lives. Please also pray for our team as we jump back into the school semester on Monday, having had little or no time to catch up on schoolwork over break.

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