Saturday, March 14, 2015

Final Work Day in SWVA

Today was our final day on our worksite here in SWVA. We spent the day putting in the molding around the edges of the living room in the mobile home, and finishing up various other small tasks. We had to be very careful while cutting the molding, because we had a very limited amount to work with. Thankfully, we were able to finish the entire room with roughly six inches of molding to spare!
Although it was raining today, it didn't prove to be a problem because we had fewer cuts to make and were able to use the saw indoor without issues. We finished up the floor around lunchtime, and ate lunch in the finished living room before leaving.

Group shot with the finished floor, along with the homeowner.
Hunting for a Geocache.
After we returned to The Manor, we went to look for a couple of Geocaches in the rain in Nickelsville. We were able to find the first one we were searching for, but we weren't quite as lucky with the second. We did, however, take a cool group selfie at the base of the bridge that is on the road at the entrance to Nickelsville.
Selfie with the Nickelsville bridge.

After Geocaching, Dakota decided he was in need of some of the delicious tater tots from Teddy's. Drew joined him, and an hour or so later our team started to wonder why they weren't back yet. I drew the short straw and walked down to see if Drew was trying another Gut Buster. As it turned out, what was originally intended to be a trip for tater tots ended up including not only the tater tots, but two corn dogs (because the first one was slightly burnt, according to one of the employees), cheese rounds, and fried corn bread on the house as well. Dakota and Drew also enjoyed talking to Teddy (yes, Teddy, the owner) and most of the other locals who were in the restaurant at the same time.

While Drew and Dakota were talking to the rest of Nickelsville, a few of us spontaneously decided to take a road trip to Natural Tunnel, a large, naturally formed (Ha-ha) rock tunnel, which is located about thirty minutes away from where we're staying. Five of us hopped in Drew's car and drove to the tunnel, hoping it wouldn't be raining too hard when we arrived. Thankfully it wasn't, and we were able to walk down to the mouth of the tunnel and back out without getting too wet.

At the entrance to Natural Tunnel.

When our group returned to The Manor, we ate a dinner consisting mainly of leftovers from our other meals, and then had our team devotion for the evening. We also took a final team photo with everyone piled onto a single couch. Afterwards, we played several rounds of Body Body to finish out the night.

The entire team on a couch.
Please pray for our safety as we travel back to Blacksburg tomorrow morning, as well as the seeds that were planted this week as we served and were obedient.

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