Monday, March 16, 2015

BCM Spring Break 2015 SWVA Mission Trip Wrap-up

On Saturday, our entire team returned safely to Blacksburg from Southwest Virginia after spending several hours on the road. The morning was mostly uneventful as we packed up, cleaned, said goodbye to Jan and Scrappy, and left The Manor.
On the way back, we stopped for lunch at the Dip Dog Stand in Marion, VA, which is a BCM SWVA mission trip tradition. Our car arrived a little bit before the other, due to a navigational challenge, so we took a few pictures while we were waiting.
Drew's car.
Waiting for our food after the others arrived.
Drew impersonating a walrus.
Below is the video from Drew's attempt to eat an entire Gut Buster at Teddy's Restaurant all by himself on the second night we were in SWVA. The Gut Buster consists of every ingredient and topping that is used to make the milkshakes and ice cream dishes sold at Teddy's and is designed to feed at least a few people. Teddy himself told us that he has only seen two men eat the entire thing by themselves. Drew took this as a personal challenge, despite having just eaten dinner and a milkshake.

WARNING: There is a reason that the title of this video includes the word "Attempt." If you have a weak stomach or are easily grossed out, you may want skip this video. However, it is quite hilarious.

On a more serious note, one theme that seemed to come up repeatedly for me this week was that of thankfulness. Not just thankfulness for the material things of life, although I certainly have reason to be thankful there, but also for the opportunities that I have in my life, as well as the relationships the Lord has blessed me with in many areas. I may go through difficult times, but I should be joyful because I know that the Lord is in control and He is working for my ultimate good. Romans 8:28 My prayer for myself and our entire team is that we could maintain that attitude while jumping back into the rest of the semester.

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