Thursday, March 12, 2015

An Intense Quiet Game and Our Second Day at the Food Pantry.

First off, I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures on today's blog. The few I did have from the food pantry ended up being fairly blurry. In attempts to make up for it, please enjoy this hilarious video of Dakota and Ellen's contest of wills during a round of The Quiet Game earlier this week.

Today we spent our second full day working at the Scott County food pantry in Gate City. Most of our team spent the majority of the morning helping to organize the pantry's walk-in freezer. It was filled mostly with boxes of different types of meat that needed to be sorted. We emptied almost the entire freezer box by box, sorted the meats into "small" and "large" serving boxes, and then packed them back into the freezer.

The lunch prepared for us by the food pantry staff consisted of hot dogs, chips, and chocolate ice cream, which was very agreeable to (almost all) of our team. After lunch, we continued to pack food bags and complete various other organizational tasks as needed, including shifting around some of the stuff in a storage room. Dakota particularly enjoyed this part of the day and compared it to solving a jigsaw puzzle.
On the way back from the food pantry, Drew's car got lost while he, along with the other people who were in his car, was looking for a grocery store. Unfortunately he had to drive almost twenty minutes in total to find a spot to turn around and get back to where he was.
When we returned to The Manor, we laid around for a few hours, reading, sleeping, doing homework, and/or watching Friends. We then cooked dinner, which consisted of pizza bagels - cheese and pepperoni melted on top of a bagel. After we had our team devotion, we walked to Teddy's again for ice cream and fried pickles. Also this evening, we played a few rounds of Body Body, which I think was enjoyed a bit more by some of the members of our team than the games we played last night.

After dinner snack at Teddy's.
Please pray for safety tomorrow as well as our conversations as we head back to our worksite to complete the work on the living room floor. Also, please pray that the weather would be cooperative so that we could use table saws and the like outside instead of inside.

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