Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last Day in Romania

Well, today is our last day in Romania. Today was our tourism day. We went to the mall, a flea market type place, and a Romania restaurant where we ate pizza.
First I will start out with a praise. After much prayer and work, the bus doors were finally opened, and Autumn was able to retrieve her guitar that was being “held hostage by the bus”. We had prayed several times that the doors would be opened and they finally were. Talk about an answer to MUCH prayer! We ended up working with two electricians, one who was trying to fix the doors but ended up fixing the air condition on the bus, and one who finally fixed the doors (you don't know how many times I wished we had Alex Valade here with us this week). At one point we even discussed prying the door open. There were enough rednecks here that we probably could have managed.
The first thing we did this morning was take the Lord's supper. We were blessed to have three of our Romania translators who were taking the supper for their first time. Here in Romania, the Christians are not allowed to take the Lord's supper until they have been baptized. Several of our translators had just been baptized, so this was their first time taking the supper.
After that we went to the mall. First we had to exchange our American dollars for Romanian leu. After that we went to the most logical place Americans in Romanian mall would go: McDonalds! I will tell you, a milk shake back home is way better than a milk shake here in Romania. Jamie Venning informed us that the double cheeseburger was about the same, Tom said there wasn't enough salt on the fries, and Ryan Taylor complained about the sea of mayonnaise on his Royal Deluxe hamburger. Tyler also informed that if you get a Happy Meal (which he obviously did) you get to pick your toy. But, it was good to have something close to American food instead of the chicken livers we had just a day earlier. After we ate, we continued on through the mall visiting stores such as Reebok, Nike, and Adidas (can you tell I was with a group of soccer players?). One time when I was leading our group, we somehow ended up in an electronics store. I don't know how that happened. :-) I got a couple of cable connecters which were a little less expensive than it was here. I also went shopping with Justin Krehbiel for sugar free juice. Yeah, right. Not only could we not speak Romanian to ask someone for help, but when we started reading the ingredients, we couldn't find a single bottle without sugar.
Next, we went to a flea market. This was a bunch of vendors lined up on the edge of a busy road. Sometimes it felt like you were playing “Frogger” just crossing the road. Most of these vendors sold about the same things: souvenir plates, table cloths, and woven baskets. I ended up buying one wooden spoon. Yeah!
We then went to an overlook where we could see the entire city of Cluj. And lastly, we went to a place that served amazing pizza, and drinks that were 0.2 liters big. No refills.
On the way back to the hotel, there was a massive thunderstorm which poured the rain. We quickly learned that the streets in Cluj have no drainage. Water was pooled up in the streets four and five inches deep in places. Crazy. Daniel also informed us that the runway at the Cluj airport floods when it rains very hard (like it did tonight). He said the last team out of here flew out a day late, had to stay two days in Germany, had to fly to Spain, and one other airport before crossing the Atlantic to get to America. All because of flooding at the Cluj airport. I checked the weather yesterday and it said “partly cloudy with a chance of rain”. I checked it just now, and it said “Sunny”. Let's just hope.... and pray.

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