Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Futball Maggots and Chicken Liver

Greetings from Romania.
We have had an awesome last couple of days.
Yesterday, we went to Frata village and played soccer (futball) again. I was the goalie. After I allowed seven goals, we decided the game was over. Every time the Romanians scored on me they would laugh, point at me, and yell “Americano Ha-ha”. And for some reason they kept yelling “Watcha de Tom! Watcha de Tom!” After the game was over, we decided to talk to them for a few minutes. Tom, Story, and Hunter Layman shared their testimonies first. Then Ray Woolson explained the gospel along with a vivid description of hell that included fire, worms, and maggots. As Evan Layman said later “Turn or burn, baby. Turn or burn.” After that, we asked if anyone wanted to accept Christ right then. Five people raised their hands, and I was able to lead them in a prayer to accept Christ. That day also included Evan Layman yelling over some other people “Do you want Jesus or not?”.
Then we found out that the ladies of the village were kind enough to fix us “dinner”. “Dinner” turned out to be ground up chicken liver and potatoes. I looked at Tom, and we both said “This is not good”. We knew these ladies had worked hard preparing and cooking and even bringing tables from their houses for us to eat on. So we knew we would have to eat it. Tom said “Why do they have to be so nice?” So Tom and I decided that we would take it like men and just stomach as much as we could handle. Some of us were not as brave. Exhibit A: Evan Layman, who scraped everything off his plate into Alton's backpack so he wouldn't have to eat it. Exhibit B: Ryan Taylor, who had the nerve to go inside and ask for a plate of JUST mashed potatoes, which he got and ate every bit of. We knew that these ladies were feeding us on Wednesday night, but they sprung this on us as a surprise on Tuesday night. I told pastor Stan “I didn't have time to prepare”. He said “I know, I didn't either” By prepare, I meant lining my backpack with a plastic bag, so that I could do the same thing as Evan. I told Pastor Stan my idea, and he said “Well, if you do that, just make sure you sit next to me.” Ha-ha. We actually had lunch in the village today fixed by the same ladies, but today it was really good. Grilled chicken and potatoes. Yum. I didn't even have to use my “prepared” backpack. We still have dinner tonight to eat at the village so I'm a little concerned, I think I'll leave my backpack “prepared”.

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