Tuesday, January 5, 2021

From Virginia to South Dakota

Today we traveled from Blacksburg, VA to Spearfish, SD by way of three other states - North Carolina, Colorado, and Wyoming. Cheap roundtrip flights out of Charlotte to Denver heavily influenced our destination selection this year, and a group of nine of us decided to give it a go!

True to form, our group split into three separate flights - all three going out of CLT at roughly the same time, but with one group coming back a couple of days early. We all made it onto our flights, despite having to leave Blacksburg at ungodly hours, although some were closer than others. Lissa met a professional disc golfer on the plane (and forgot his name), while Sam initiated a speed-reading competition with his seat mate (unbeknownst to the other guy).

When we got to Colorado, we went to pick up our rental car and discovered quite the line. We left Joe to wait while we went outside and played hackey-sack with a guy we met from Washington. He asked, “Are you guys taking shifts waiting in line?” We looked at each other and laughed, “No, that’s Joe’s job!” Once we got the rental squared away, we began the long drive to our first AirBnB in South Dakota. Lots of interesting sights in Wyoming, including a guy towing a pickup truck down the road with what looked like just a ratchet strap.

After spending a total of 13+ hours sitting in various forms of transportation in the past day, I think we’re all ready to get out tomorrow and do some exploring! Stay tuned!

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