Thursday, January 7, 2021

From Spearfish Canyon to Colorado Springs

This morning we left our Airbnb in Spearfish, SD and began our drive back to central Colorado. Before we left Spearfish, however, we had to explore Spearfish Canyon and see the three waterfalls the location is known for. The first was easily accessible from the road, the second was down a spur trail of less than half a mile, and the biggest of the three, Roughlock Falls, was about a mile out on a hike alongside a beautiful stream in the snow.

After spending most of the rest of the day driving, we made it to our Airbnb near Colorado Springs in time for a dinner of soup and grilled cheese. After dinner, Lissa and Justin gave PowerPoint presentations detailing why we should choose their preferred sunglasses retailer (Knockaround or Blenders, respectively). Both had very entertaining presentations, and, after some deliberation, the vote came down to a dead tie, with Sam abstaining.

For the rest of the evening we enjoyed playing Catchphrase and Clue before having to say goodbye to Tanner, Lissa, and Malarie, who will be heading back to Virginia tomorrow (sad day!).

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  1. You do realize that your favorite Aunt was born in Aurora Colorado!!