Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snow Day: BCM Colorado Mission Trip

Hello, all. Here is an update on @BCMVT’s #SpringBreak 2014 Colorado mission trip.
Sky Corral Lodge
Patrick getting ready to run the chainsaw.
We began this morning by continuing more of the work that we started yesterday. We loaded a large majority of the firewood that we have cut thus far into a trailer so that it could be taken to someone who was in need. After that, we split into three groups (each with a chainsaw operator), and continued bucking downed trees - piling up the logs that could be used as firewood, and putting the rest of the debris into slash piles. Today was a cold day, but our team made sure to wear several layers, and, as a result, was able to stay warm.

Matt, Joe, and Patrick.

Around midday today (while we were eating lunch), a snowstorm rolled into the area surrounding Sky Corral. The storm dumped enough snow to cover the ground, be a hinderance, and keep us from going back outside to work. We did not get the four inches that are required before we could burn the slash piles, but we most likely would not have been able to burn anyways, since the wind speeds today were high.

Kim and Greg.
This afternoon, we completed a variety of mostly indoor chores. We moved furniture in the rec hall and began to shampoo the carpet in that building. We also moved a heavy ice cream chest from the rec hall to the barn. We also helped Mallory clean a few of the guest bedrooms.

We ate diner fairly early (red beans and rice), and enjoyed some time hanging out as a team. Joe, Patrick, and Kim went for a short hike while Matt, Greg, and I played a couple of rounds of pool.

Please pray for our team as we work for two more days here. Pray that we would have the strength to do the work that we need to, and that we would have a joyful attitude in doing so. Also, pray that the Lord would direct our plans regarding who we will be helping on those days.

The view from above.

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