Friday, March 14, 2014

Final Workday: BCM Colorado Mission Trip

Sky Corral from above.
Today was our last day working at Sky Corral Lodge here in Colorado. It was not a particularly eventful day, compared to some of the others that we have had here. We worked some this morning and then were given the afternoon off to enjoy the beautiful weather.
Joe, Kim, Matt, and Patrick.
Part of the finished ridge.
This morning, we worked on trucking out all of the wood on the ridge that we have cut, bucked, and split this week. We made several trips with a large trailer, filling it with wood, and then taking it down to the barn to dump. Sometimes this was easy, like with the piles of firewood that we had created beside the splitter. Other times this was difficult, like with the many large logs we had stacked at the top of the ridge line as we were felling trees. These logs had to be moved down to the bottom of the hill over rocky terrain so that they could be loaded. In between the trailer loads, we also found a little bit of time to have some fun.

Kim taking aim at Patrick.
Matt pitching to Joe.
After lunch, we spent the majority of the afternoon relaxing. Matt, Kim, and I went on a hike in the mountains surrounding Sky Corral. We hiked up to a meadow situated at the top of a ridge. We also used one of the GPS units from the lodge to look for a geocache that was supposed to be hidden on the property. After an unsuccessful search, we followed the GPS back to the lodge "as the crow flies." We also spent some time this afternoon playing Spades, and just hanging out.

Greg is not impressed.
One thing that struck me as we hiked today was how blessed I am to have the health and mobility to be able to come out here and serve Sky Corral, and even just to be able to take a hike. Please pray for our safety tomorrow as we fly back home. Pray that we would make all of our connections without any problem, and that we would be witnesses to whoever we encounter. Pray for Sky Corral specifically that they would be able to book reservations through the entirety of the summer.
The end of day.

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