Wednesday, February 6, 2019

North to Alaska!

Today's trip began almost as soon as yesterday ended... quite literally. We all left Blacksburg at crazy early hours in order to catch our flights... out of Roanoke, Greensboro, and Bristol. Team "Always Purchase Airfare Right on Time" (APART) went out of ROA, team KAT (Katy, Adam, Tanner) flew out of GSO, and team JUST ME (Seth) left from TRI.

We thought we might be able to coordinate an intercept with Seth in the Seattle airport, before we boarded our separate flights to Anchorage. All was going well until he realized he had misplaced his boarding pass. Apparently, team KAT had had a fun time on their layover as well - almost missing their connection because of a Chick-fil-A sandwich (I mean, there are worse reasons). Needless to say, I was quite relieved to finally have everyone on the ground in Anchorage around 4:30 PM AKST.

Katy pets the moose
Next, we picked up our rental car. Avis initially tried to give us a Prius, but we were eventually matched with a Ford Expedition with 4WD. This is our ride for the week!

Our Expedition
This evening, Joe and Sarah Cline (former members of Northstar Church that several of us knew) invited us over to their home for dinner. They served us a delicious meal of baked salmon, moose stew, potatoes, and other assorted deliciousness. It was good visiting with them, catching up, and having some fellowship with other believers on our first night in Alaska. Tanner, Adam, and Jocelyn even ran out to get ice cream at some point and spotted two moose standing in someone's front yard on their way back!

Dinner with Joe and Sarah!
This evening, we've crashed at the Comfort Inn in Anchorage, taking advantage of the included breakfast and planning an early departure for Fairbanks in the morning. Once we all got checked in we crammed into the elevator and discovered it wouldn't actually take us to the third floor - at least, not with all of us in it!

We might be a little tired in this picture

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