Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The "Redeemer" Skit

  I just wanted to take a moment and throw up a quick update with some video that I recently finished editing from the Poland/Slovakia 2012 Mission Trip.
  As many of you know, one of the common issues on any foreign missions trip is the language barrier. It significantly increases the difficulty of sharing the gospel, because every phrase has to be passed through a translator. One way our church has overcome this barrier is through the "Redeemer" skit. This skit has no words, but vividly depicts the gospel message, all the way from creation, through man's fall, and Christ's death and resurrection. The "Redeemer" is a powerful skit that has allowed many teams from our church to overcome language barriers in countries all over the world. In Poland and Slovakia, we performed the "Redeemer" skit multiple times, and after each performance, one of our team members would present an explanation of the events in the skit through a translator, and would share the gospel. The following video is of our team practicing and performing the skit in Poland, Slovakia, and the USA. If you have 10 minutes, please take a look at this skit. Hopefully, it will give you some insight into one of the ways our team ministered while on the mission trip.

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  1. You all were a great team. God has used you all in a mighty way to share the gospel message.
    Thank you!