Monday, July 30, 2012

Poland, Pushups, and Panoramas

In the interests of getting a somewhat decent amount of sleep tonight, today’s blog will air on the shorter side.
            First, check out the hotel which we are staying at:

Today was the second full day that we spent in the village of Szaflary. We played volleyball, soccer, and games with the kids. During our volleyball games, we instituted the 15 push up rule for the team who lost. The opposing team was one point away from losing when the ball popped, robbing me of the chance of seeing Donovan do push-ups.

No push ups for Donovan
For lunch, we fixed a meal with our customary Polish sausage, bacon, and cheese. Mark Andersen also led an adult Bible study, and Donovan Haynes helped the little kids make salvation bracelets, with different colored beads representing different parts of the salvation message.
One of our translators (Dagmara) with several of the village kids
This evening at dinner, we had a special time of celebration for Doug and Cathy’s 19th anniversary, and Cathy’s birthday. During the shopping trip yesterday, Donovan and the Andersens had picked up two cakes.
Tyler and I in the local "Wal-Mart" (small convenience store).
            This is a view of the hotel and our meeting building before our group share time began:

We also had a group share time tonight as usual with the Roma from Szaflary joining us. Katie and Melissa sang several songs, which was followed by the Roma singing several songs as well, one of which was “Open the Eyes of my Heart.” Pastor Holland also gave a short message.

This is a panorama of the inside of building in which we meet for our nightly share time:

Pastor Holland delivering his message with help from Tomic (one of our translators).
I’m excited to see what God is going to do the rest of the week, especially in Slovakia, which we will be driving into on Wednesday. Please keep us in your prayers, as we try to continue to minister to the best of our abilities.

Again, picture does not do it justice.

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