Monday, July 18, 2011

VBS Poems

Seeing as how we just finished VBS at Franklin Heights, I thought it might be appropriate to post a couple of VBS related poems for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

Every year when VBS rolls around,
I have to be running when I hit the ground.
I walk in the door and I‘m handed a CD,
And from then on it’s all up to me.
I start to put together the slide show,
And oh! Here we go!
The first slide is there: “Boomerang Express”
But where are all the rest?
The computer decides to hibernate,
Oh, this is just great!
In the middle of all this,
While for a break I’m starting to wish,
I hear Brandon start to cry.
And when I ask why,
He whines “No girls in my group!”
I tell him “No big whoop.”
A wireless mike starts to feedback
And my eardrums are about to crack
When something goes wrong
It doesn’t take long
Everyone turns around to see,
Who the person that caused it might be.
One thing they need to understand,
And I hope eventually they can:
If everything comes to a halt
It’s not Ezra’s fault!
Ezra Richards

VBS 2010
Craziness, craziness, VBS
It wouldn't be authentic if it was anything less
Two hundred screaming kids galore
Well, at least it can't be called “a bore”
Slide shows, light shows, and music to boot
At least the question of whether it's complicated is moot
Snacks, crafts, and games are in there too
And the opportunity to serve no matter what you do
Whether you help with registration, rotation, or as a group aide
There's no one place where you've just got it made
It's never easy, (sometimes hard)
But it can all be summed up in one response card


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