Friday, September 10, 2010

Savor the Summer

As the summer of 2010 draws to a close
When we’ll have another like this, no one knows
It was a summer that we so wished would last,
Because while it was here, we were having a blast
We had the Thompsons and the college students, life was all good!
We tried to act as if they weren’t leaving,
Even though we knew, eventually, they would
It was a summer of adventure, and growing, and fun
And it ended just as quickly as it had begun
First there was Fuge, way out in Kentucky
Where you might not burst into flames, if you were lucky
In Williamsburg, we put our faith into action
Trying to help people, regardless of their situation
We met the Thompsons in the airport, with many hugs and smiles
We were happy to have them back, even if only for a while
Then came VBS, after which we’d stay at church and talk
And during which Victoria earned the nickname: “laughing hawk”
Then came the Romania missions trip
An amazing experience for all who went
We played soccer, ate liver, and shared God’s love
And showed people the hope that only comes from above
We argued over whether Borsec or Dorna was best
An argument that was never put to rest
We tried to reason out what “dolphin trainer” meant
And tried to figure out why water was dripping out the AC vent
We played UNO, and sang “Two Lei”
And got to know new people every day
We taught the translators how to say, “ain’t”, “ya’ll”, and “down yonder”
Then Evan taught them “booger”, which gave them something to ponder
It was sad to have to say goodbye
But back to the USA we had to fly
Back to work, to school, to real life
Back to the mundane, back to the strife
Summer was winding down,
And the signs of change began to abound
One by one, students left for college
Presumably in the pursuit of knowledge
The Thompsons flew back to the Middle East
Well, three of them at least
Youth group started back again
And school was there, just like it’s always been
But, it was obvious that this summer had changed us all
A fact that’s obvious as we head towards fall
My world got a lot bigger
But my town seems a bit emptier
My friends are now scattered across the state, the country, and the globe
But I wish they could all be here in my abode
When we look back, I hope we won’t think “Wow, what a bummer.”
I hope we all remember to “Savor the Summer”.

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